Saturday 18th March

Today I spent doing sketchbook work, most of it I have been working back into the pages and adding design developments highlighting how the textile samples I have done could fit into the idea of subverting the suit. I hope that this will clarify the pages more for someone looking at my book that hadn’t followed my project all the way through, and I added only small hints of colour as I have found that when I add too much the illustrations tend to look a bit overwhelming. I also coloured the illustrations I did yesterday in the same way, which I plan to put into my pages by photocopying the collage that is existing on the page and then putting the designs over the top, and inserting the photocopied collage as a mini extra page in the middle of the double page to make sure that all aspects are visible on the same page. I think I am learning to do my design developments in a more instinctive way without labouring as much over them, although I am still being very slow in comparison with how I had to be for earlier projects.

I think I need to strike a balance because it is important that I get all of my work done, though I still want to do it well and do things I am proud of, so a mixture of quality and quantity! To further underline the suiting link I had also been adding in little swatches of the textile techniques in the suiting fabric alongside it so that it doesn’t look as disconnected.

I also created another collage in a double page I had taped up to perhaps further explain the link with 19th century clothing, which my tutors found difficult to understand from looking at my pages. I think it is hard to explain something completely just through pictures, so by doing another page on it hopefully it underlines its importance, though I am going to ask my tutor on Monday her opinion of how I should put words on the page so that it still works aesthetically and doesn’t look too obvious whilst ensuring that the project is easy to follow.

I have also been considering what I would like to achieve over the next week before we break for the Easter holidays. It is a little bit annoying that the holidays are when they are and not a week later, as according to the timetable I have set for myself I am still finalising my development in the first week of the holidays, though it would be good to have at least a line up of possible final designs to show to my tutors for Thursday so I can have their feedback before I choose my final one and begin making it in the second week.

What I would like to have done is to have toiled part of a garment for next Thursday, which could be an element that appears in many of my favourite designs. To get there I plan to photocopy the elements I think are working the best and come up with some designs that pull together my preferred parts of each one and then to start to visualise how I would make them in the real world. Although I have done lots of textile samples and some draping I haven’t made any constructed samples, so this is something I would like to do next week and the first week of the holidays. 

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