Finishing color swatches. I did 20 different yarn combinations to see how yarns work together. I have chosen one color combination that particularly grasped my attention because of the proportions of colors and the way that yarns worked together. It is the one where is navy, chunky burgundy, wire (it's breaking though), woven lime merino and a tiny stripe of pale pink. I then enlarged it and replaced the wire with lime yarn, because it was breaking completely. I don't know why at the beginning I did the swatch and now it is breaking. I tried with different tensions but it's still not working. I will try asking my tutor on Monday. So far I will keep using peppermint instead of wire and I will try to do a swatch only with wire and then weave through.
I did a small swatch with nalbinding with colored wool to be able to see which colors I want to choose to dye my wool to the rest of it. Documentation of that is uploaded below. I have chosen two major colors - pale blue that remind me of clouds and air and burgundy that reminds me of the soviet origins of the factory, and one as a contrast-navy.
Experimenting with print ideas. I first started from thinking about the technique I am actually going to use for that. My tutor suggested me heat press because it is very quick and effective, but I think that it doesn't fit my concept, because it is not a hand made, craft technique. I thought about using lino cut but this would be too time consuming and paints for lino cut would make me go outside my budget. Then I thought of actually painting the print. Originally Bonotto says "Paint the air with culture of hands that think", so I thought of painting the knitted fabric with fabric paint. Because my research and general concept is about air as well, I decided to go for blue paint. I mixed it with silver and white and got a delicate, mist-like pale blue colour. As eventual contrast I have chosen pink but after making swatches in my sketchbook I decided to stay with blue, because it works in a more harmonic way with the other colours. I have alradey a lot ideas going on and putting anoter colour that would be popping out too much would destroy the harmony of colours I found.
I did few swatches only with painting stripes as an example, to see if it actually works. Photos of that are uploaded below and effects after unraveling and reknitting are in my sketchbook. I think the effect is really interesting, although probably not very ground breaking in terms of visual outcome. Now these were just swatches with stripes but when I change the print perhaps the effect of dissloved print will change too. I am satisfied with it, because it is a pure visual comment on Bonotto "painting the air" and this is actually a painted air in a way. But I still feel it can get better. Perhaps I could try navy blue as well to make it more visible, yet not interfering too much with the colour scheme.
Important note:
For lucet using chunky navy acrylic yarn is much more effective - 1,35 meter after approx. 1,5 hour of continuous lucet-making. I will be able to include lucet only in this form in my swatches due to time management and amount of other work I have to do.
Evaluation of this stage of the project:
What went well?
So far my action plan is being fulfilled - I have figured out pink in my colour scheme, I have dyed enough wool and the colour is working as it was on swatches before. I have started print experimentation and this works as well. I figured out how to make lucet quicker - using thicker yarn. I will be able to include it in my swatches, because I will be actually able to make it in a bigger amount. I have chosen my final colours and proportions of them and I am satidfied with thic colur combination because I think it is vibrant yet harmonic and represents my idea fully. Although I will ask for some fedback on it on Monday.
What did not go well?
I have to have some samples for Monday so I have to speed up, the problem is with yarns, because I am running out of them way too quickly. Bigger balls of yarns are needed. Wire is not working as it was before - it is breaking and makes it impossible to knit. I tried various tensions and strengts but so far without effects. The paint I am using for painting on knitted pieces is good, but it makes the yarn very stiff in some points and w bit wet, so even after it is dried it stays stiffer and doesnt slip off the needles well. This results in breaking, the samples are slipping off comletely and yarn is broken. I need to be super carefull when knitting with it or save the lost ladders with sewing them back in.
How can I move on from now?
Buy more yarn, so that my supplies won't run out so quickly. Get final print design - do collages and drawings in sketchbook. Do smaples with knit, print, merino, lucet, sprang etc. for Monday. Do more research. Think about the body - how to put them on the body. Look at ideas from the beginning and draping on small scale. How can this be enlarged? Perhaps looking at designers would help.

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