Tuesday 14th March

Today I had my progress tutorial, although I haven’t yet received my feedback form. I think it went quite well, we went through my work and she asked me to point out which things I thought were working, and mostly we agreed so my tutor said that she thought I could identify the strengths in my own work, which is a good thing. I think that she although thought that my design developments were interesting, particularly the most recent gathering samples I have been doing, although I know that I need to bring back the suit into it more.

From doing my samples I haven’t been visually showing the suit next to them, as I think I have been a bit tentative of designing in case it doesn’t look like how I intend, which I know is counterproductive and irrational. I have also been having a bit of a mental block around how to integrate the suit in an interesting way, though my tutor agreed with me that looking into the padding side of it could be a good way of gaining a structure in a soft way whilst looking at the suit in a fresh way.

My tutor also thought that my proposal was ready for submission, which is good as I don’t have to go back and redo it, so I can draw a line under that now and focus on the project itself. When looking at my research she said that she thought it looked a bit disparate, which I guess means that she didn’t think that it flowed very much and looked a bit disconnected. I think that I will ask my other tutor about it on Monday for a second opinion, as when you read the annotations I think you can see the links, but maybe I can move the sections around a bit so that they connect a bit more? I think I also need to find some more art references, so perhaps I can go to the library at some point to make sure that I have a balance between art and fashion references, and also my own work

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