Thursday 16th March

Today I had another tutorial, this time with tutors who don’t normally teach me, and didn’t know anything previously about my project. I think that this was useful as it highlighted to me the fact that it isn’t very easy for outsiders to see the links between my research and the thread of my thinking throughout the project. I think that my tutors liked the work I had been doing, and thought that it was interesting, just that they couldn’t see visually the link that I can understand in my head. We also discussed how I think I have lost the suit image visually in my book, and although when I look at the samples I can see how they could fit into the suit idea, someone looking at my book can’t, so I really need to spell this out and to demonstrate where I see them going. They also made a good suggestion about using my deconstructed jacket and twisting it in on the itself, and perhaps having the textural samples I have been doing coming out from the inside, and to illustrate the idea of power through dress and undress.

I felt a little bit winded after the tutorial, as it made me question everything that I have done so far, but I think that it is very important that I know now that I need to go back and show the link more before I go on and do more stuff later on. They also pointed out that dotting around with lots of different ideas without showing the connection is a common mistake, and from listening to what they were saying to my classmates I know that many people are making the same kinds of mistakes, and that we are all in the same boat.

I think that what I need to focus on is perhaps collaging suit images with photocopies of my samples on the pages to really show the link, and perhaps to do another preliminary collage to try and show the link more. The tutors also suggested that I put words on the page that are key to my ideas, although I have got annotations, but I think I will wait before I do this and ask one of my other tutor’s opinions of how I do this as I don’t want to ruin the layout of the page.

This afternoon I have been doing a page on the deconstruction of the padding of the jacket I did, and I have been discussing all of our work with some of my classmates and asking each other’s opinions of what we are doing. I think this is good as it is an opportunity to talk through our ideas, and one of my friends was saying how she does design developments very quickly, drawing without overthinking so she can no only complete work in a short space of time but it is also more natural. I think this is something that I need to work on, and I have been trying to do more of this tonight although it still took me far longer than it took her! This is something to bear in mind as I know that I have a tendency to overthink a lot, and after all the purpose of design developments is to make mistakes and to see what works best. 

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