Wednesday 15th March

I spent most of this morning cutting and sewing a commission I have for a sari top, which I enjoy doing as a way to keep up my construction, fitting and finishing skills as this is something that isn’t really focused on on a foundation course. I am now in the final stages of making it and cut it out of the final fabric. I feel slightly bad as it meant I had to spend most of the day not focused on my project, though it is still developing my sewing skills and it is only the same as if I had a part-time job- only thus is relevant to my chosen field!

Following this I decided to do some further research into padding and quilting techniques.  I think it is important to keep up research throughout the project, particularly at this half-way stage when everyone is feeling a little bit jaded and my project could do with looking at some fresh research. I am particularly interested in how you can create something very structural out of something soft, and I could also involve gathering. My tutor agreed with this yesterday and thought it could be an interesting route to go down, such as by making enormous jacket elements that are quilted and wrap around the body. I also find the idea of using padded panels as if they were style lines interesting, to create an alternative structure on the body and to emphasise it whilst at the same time covering it.

I started to deconstruct one of the jackets I bought, and photographed the padding inside. The hidden structure of something is interesting, and I could look at padding coming out from a garment. I found the structure of the padding interesting, because on the one hand the padding can obviously be still some of it featured vertical stitching that appears like pinstripes, and other areas seemed like it was coming apart in delicate, soft fragments.

I did a few drapes on the stand, trying to manipulate shapes, although as I have mentioned previously, I find this method quite difficult, although I am trying to push myself out of my comfort zone. I did find one shape I made to be quite interesting, with the lapel twisting around to create a protruding bodice, which I think I could develop into an intriguing silhouette.

I think that what I really need to do is once I have explored the padding experiments I have been doing, that I look at the design developments I have been doing and start to make structural constructions out of toile fabric to start to see what it would look like on the body. Tomorrow I have another tutorial so I will see what feedback I get and go from there. 

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