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Aims for today:

  • Find the last story
  • Do some research for it
  • Possible ideas

I wanted to find a story in Ovid's Metamorphosis that would possibly not be about an animal transformation but about something more abstract so I had a look through the book to find a story that really defines an abstract transformation. The story was about how an echo came about. A woman named echo fell in love with a man named Narcissus, however Narcissus did not return the love as he was too in love and infatuated with his own reflection. So eventually Echo just became a voice and transformed into the mountains and nature around her. Narcissus turned into a daffodil - however I wanted to focus on Echo. After reading this story it made me really inspired to do a piece involving a man and a woman and really showing this story through the jewellery.

I then did some research about the story online and about echoes - there was not much jewellery research involving an echo or this story so I looked at art instead.

Then I moved onto designs. For the woman I wanted to create a mouth piece to start off with that would convey the echo so looking at designs that would not quite reach the male's ear to show how he can't figure out where the voice is coming from. Material wise initially I thought about using perspex to convey how a voice is clear and you cant see it. I looked at a long tube as well. Another idea I came up with was once again using perspex but thin tubes so that they could go out in all directions so the male would not know where the voice was coming from.

In my tutorial I would like to talk to my tutor about this idea and see what she thinks and how I can improve it and what materials to use.

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