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Today was the day of the 3DDA crit. We did not really do anything in the morning which was a little bit disappointing as I would've like to do some test models in the workshops, However the afternoon was a little more productive.

We had to set out our work showing our proposal, models, sketchbook and a description of what our project was on. We then had to go round each pathway (architecture and product design) and leave comments on people's work. Although I do not have an architectural brain and did not really understand many of the concept's, of the work I saw and commented on and was extremely impressed with the work in the sketchbooks but especially the model making. It made me inspired to really branch out of my comfort zone and use different materials to create a model, not just one material. A few pieces of work in product design I was very impressed with, especially the ceramic work - makes me want to experiment with ceramic to create a piece of jewellery. However some of the work was a little boring, lacked work and not very experimental so it made me think that the point where I am at now was about right.

When we got to see the comments that others had put on our work I received mostly positive comments - especially in my sketchbook - people said how vibrant and interesting I made it and clearly laid out. The one criticism I received was that I needed to link my models to my sketchbook. I did not have to put my ideas in my sketchbook so I will definitely do that so my models make sense.

Overall the day was okay, however I would have liked more feedback on my models or my concept instead of just my sketchbook.

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