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Today I had a lot of work to do for the crit tomorrow. As well as making models I wanted to create some designs first to reflect the tutorial I had with Tamzyn the day before.

I started off with some research that Tamzyn suggested and definitely got some inspiration for both pieces.

I then moved onto designs, in particularly to do with the mirror mask for narcissus. I wanted to create a jagged effect with sharp angles to convey the reality of narcissism and how it's always going to be his downfall. The hard thing about creating a mirror mask is I could not actually use mirror in case of an accident - so I have to find other materials that reflect. I came up with a couple of designs based of sharp triangles so what I need to do is create a mask later on.

I then looked at the horn mouth piece for echo - for the end piece I would like to include a few horn, however I thought initial designs should just involve one horn so I could figure out the mechanics when model making. I did not have time today to look at the full nature mask for the woman so over the weekend I would like to test designs out but also do material tests to see what I could use to convey a mask feel.

In the afternoon I moved onto model making. I started off with the horn piece - I created two horns. One  more literal - a small mouth piece with a round hollow hole at the end .I made this out of wood and wire and covered it in tape. I actually preferred it before the tape went on. The other was more of an abstract horn with a big mouth piece a small end. I tried to get curves in the horn as well - but it was difficult to get the shape once it was covered in tape. Over the weekend I would like to create multiple horns and change the shape and make them a bit more abstract using different materials.

I then moved onto the mirror mask. I started off using the clear acetate and covered it in pva glue, however when I tried to construct it, it did not work and it did not look reflective in the end. So I used the reflective paper instead and cut different shaped traingles out of it. I then joined them together using a staplr so I could change the angles of the triangles and moulded it on the face. I thought it was quite an effective model however I think I could make it more jagged and textural so I will look at that over the weekend.

Overall I think today was effective as I got to test materials and have a relatively clear idea about where I want my designs to go. I just need to do more research and testing of materials to create something I am happy with, but also is polished.

The images below are the models I created today.

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