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Today I had my tutorial with Tamzyn. She went through all of my work that I have done for this unit so far. 

She started with my proposal, which I received all positive comments - she thought it was ready for submission and did not need changing.

She then moved onto my workflow - she found it hard to navigate the pages and suggested I changed that so it was easy for her to find the Unit 7 research and refection pages. So I will definitely edit it and make it easier to navigate. In regards to my reflections and research she said I am on track and to carry on doing what I am doing.

Lastly she finished with my sketchbook. She recognised I had done a lot of work but told me I am doing too much work essentially as I am technically doing three projects in one (which was suggested by Karla). So she suggested that  focus on one of my projects, more specifically the story based on the echo and narcissus - it was her favourite one out of the three stories as she thought I could really interpret it in a creative way and create a joint male and female piece creating 2 or more pieces for the on story. Another piece of advice I received from her was that my design ideas were too obvious and not creative enough - so I would like to improve on this by looking at the designs in a more abstract way and possibly changing the designs to different positions on the body. I think this will make the designs more creative and not obvious. She also gave me some ideas about what I could create. She suggested for the male narcissus part I could remake a mirror mask to convey how in love with his own reflection he is - she told me to find reflective paper or acetate to do models of this. I will definitely have a go at this and see what I come up with. For the female she suggested making a horn or a collection of horns for the mouth in an abstract way to convey the echo and to show how the sounds will go off in all directions. She also thought it would be nice to create a mask to go with this possibly to resemble how the echo is in nature and how she is transformed into the surrounding nature.

Overall I am very happy with the feedback I received and I know what research I need to do to develop this idea and what materials I need to test in order to define my ideas.

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