Progress tutorials.

Reflection on feedback I got:

What went well?

My project proposal is ready, so I do not need to change anything about it. My tutor told me to do an extended bibliography section on my documents page where I can add next positions in my bibliography. I need to carry on working. My color scheme is working well, as well as knit techniques development. My tutor suggested me to try pink in my colour scheme as well and see how it works with the rest of it. I do not want to add too much pink, because I almost alwways use pink in my projects so I want to try something different or keep it anly as a smaller element, colour contrast. I was also advised to focus back on the ideas for shilouettes from before, that they were much more developed. I think it is true and that is what I want to do, but first I need to have some more samples to know how the textile will actually behave and how voluminous I can be when constructing with it. I was also told that my research so far is good and I should carry on with it.

What should I consider?

Ask for feedback before Easter to start working on final garment over Easter break. Have as much samples as possible as well as design development (minimum 30 so that I can choose from). I must stick to the plan and be sistematic with work, because it not always stays with the plan as well as I would like it to. Not all experimentation will work for sure, so I have to take it into consideration as well. Especially with the techniques that are so time consuming I should be carefull - I will spend much time doing this for sure, so I have to stay realistic.

What are my next steps?

I did some notes as soon as I finished my tutorial to grasp all thoughts I have, which are mostly about my next steps now. This is uploaded below.

What did I do today and why?

I did more yarn research. I know I have done quite a bit already, but since my tutor suggested me to use pink I had to get some pink yarns. I also did a dyeing session with pink to try out how the thick wool will look like when dyed pink. It works quite well, but I think that if I use the dyed pink wool further I will have too much pink. Blue is for me now more important in terms of meaning in this project, so I want to eventually keep pink as a contrast, more unexpected colour detail. Eventually I could try using pink yarn as a finishing in the parts of the garment, so a similar efect to this seen on my own old garment would be visible. I also picked up my knitting machine today, so I was trying out how the yarn works like. When doing more research for pink yarn today I found also some silver wire that is fitted for a knitting machine. I tried it out and it looks really nice, because it gives a feeling of silver yarn, but is much more structural. When I knitted a small plain sample and put it on the body just to see how it works, it gave a feeling of a silver mist, like silver air. I think it is really poetic in a way and this silver dust looks somehow like pollution around us that flies in the air, as well as the chainmail details or the samples from CSM library I have seen. I was trying out different combinations of yarns in long stripes of plain knits. This is what my tutor showed me to do last week and I think it work well, because I can see how actual yarn will look like when knitted. I did only one stripe, because I am not that fluid wwith working on a knitting machine yet. Hopefully I will be quicker in the future.

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