materiality, sustainablity, narrative, structure and surfaces, composition, circulation, users, needs, function, context (historical), thresholds 

exhibitions, richard serra 

5 weeks, from Thursday 16 march 

week 1 


location scout, start investigating spatial settings about 5 

simple evaluation of all 5 spaces, interior and exterior 

pictures, videos, sketches, recordings of sound and activity  


chose three of these spaces to carry our site analysis 

2 interior spaces, 1 exterior space 

circulation, movement, narrative, people/occupants, materials, structure, layers, light natural/ artificial. 

visualisations, reactions, contextual models, in relation to the specific space.

3 visualisations - 1 interior space , exterior space, narrative space (based of feelings, not accessing the spatial qualities, looking at narrative qualities) 


material testing, concrete 

narrative element - found object from different places, look at found object that you can set in the concrete 

evaluate emotion stones, use this influence to create an experiment 

3 experiments exploring concretising emotions and feels through word connotation of what i found at the site. 

use these concrete material tests to create a model that explores narrative and circulation and movements of people. 


framing spaces, wes anderson, symmetry

Use the found picture frame to investigate space looking through it. exploring the ideas of viewing and sight, blocking, sectioning

pictures, videos 


anthony mccall exhibition - use as influence. 

start investigating projection, experiments using the earlier visualisations models to create some filmic spaces 

2 filmic models


Start investigating sense and sensory/ immersive model making 

looking at sight, maybe a model where someone has look in. 


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