Week 3

I went around looking for sources of visual inspiration today and made a note of words that came to my mind when taking the pictures. I came across this man who was painting tiny cartoon figures on the Millennium Bridge floor and this made me realise how ordinary people (non graphic designers) have always used the public sphere as their canvas/ screen for design and it didn't make sense to not turn to them for inspiration instead. It was fascinating because it would have gone unnoticed had he not been painting nearby when I walked passed.  



A few things I noted while walking around:

-Rather than big commercial advertising, I saw a lot of self promotion: people promoting their own instagram pages, hashtags, individual records etc. through vinyl stickers placed on lampposts, scrawled onto walls with markers or chalk 

-Some of the places I was walking around were student areas so there were a lot of posters from societies- most of them ripped off in order to post new ones on top of them, creating visually very interesting layers and textures.

-This idea of blocking/ exposing played around in my head for a while. 





I created a typeface inspired by the colours and textures of typography found on the city walls. I used cmyk colours to show the slight glitch/ bleeding typical of ink jet printed posters and distorted the letters of the second typeface to resemble the ripped and weathered stickers found on the lamp posts. I feel that I have managed to successfully translate these textures digitally, although it would be more interesting to try these out using more analog/ hands on processes. 





I created these experimental album cover designs to see how well my typeface would work against a coloured/ slightly textured background. The compositions and colour schemes are a development from the abstracted images I produced last week from the photographs. I wanted to work with a more consistent colour palette, even if I had several to choose from. The text on these designs were taken from graffitied walls, having decided to base my subject matter purely from my surroundings rather than content that has been already been generated by other designers, musicians, authors i.e quotes from stories, movies. While it could lead to some highly ambiguous and subjective designs, it would ensure more original outcomes. 



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