Metal Workshop - would have been maybe better to construct my design out of branches or something cheap and easily malleable before so I understood how to construct it from metal as this took me a lot of time to work out so was perhaps not the most time efficient I could have been. Very pleased with the structure - design and shope informed from Primary Rwandan research of the house shapes to create a wide silhouette. Did draping with Tom on it which I found to be very successful stemming lots of ideas to work on it the sketchbook. Especially on body parts that I don't work a lot with such as the legs front and back. Will continue this tomorrow.

Fabric Shopping - Haven't explored Dalston before for fabric - was expensive but amazing range and varsity - really made me start thinking about the structure of the fabric and the textures of it - I was to try and make some very thick and strong samples maybe experimenting with mod rock to create the hard ragged effect.

Progress Tutorial - went well - feedback I was very helpful - shapes need to come from somewhere not just come from my head. I always use my research to create shape but I think I clearly need to communicate it better in my sketchbook. I feel that these informed drapes that I have just done with Tom will hep my to progress from that. Petra reminded me that this project is for you and you only so you don't have to worry about what other people think and take from it which it actually something that I feel is very important nd I need to keep in mine throughout.

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