13 Mar 17

The past few days, I have been working on my sketchbook and Workflow by updating my research and reflection page. Hence, I have not been making stuff but I do have an idea of some ideas that I will be making for the week. After my progress tutorial today with Adrian, he introduced me to the term 'diorama'. I have never heard of this word but I understood what it meant after Adrian explained it. Through my understanding, diorama is quite similar to using Photoshop but it is work mostly on 3D objects, where there is no technique of Photoshop involved. Meaning that the objects itself are placed together to capture a photo instead of cutting and pasting an image to another. 


I was told to look at Anne Hardy and Gregory Crewdson's work as they have work with dioramas. This could be a route I can work on by creating photographs that incorporates the 3-dimensional quality of diorama, then layering it with real objects by photographing it again. This will cause the image to flatten out some of the differences to gain the disquieting experience.

I was very satisfied after the tutorial because I got more ideas to choose from for my final piece, but in the same time, my ideas are constantly expanding which means that I would have more models to make and also developing it. I really want to get this done by the end of this week so that next week, I can start making the piece. 

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