Visit to the Barbican Centre Estate

WED 08 | 02 | 2017


After watch VICE's documentary of Gentrification in London

The skyline of london is evolving and changing at an accelerated speed

- compared to a nature film by David Attenborough about the return of spring to the canadian tundra

Prices of housing all across London have gone up by 20% in the last year = resulting in a colodsal demand for affordable homes

Original dream of council houses was to move working classes out of overcrowded slums and into revolutionary architecture

Council houses when seen trendy were viewed as futuristuc streets in the sky but in present day the post-war dream of urban rebewal has turned sour

Yhe number of council houses in London has fallen by a third in the last year despite a million more people migrating into the city affecting everyone

Council estates which still exist are gradually being emptied caused by government eviction for redevelopment of the land. This shows the higest bidders (developers) winning as the people are losing and fighting back

E15 Focus -
Campaign for social housing

F - ocus on the future,
O - on housing,
C - ommunity...
U - nited we are STRONG
S - ecure future for ALL

Their motto is "London for EVERYONE not just the rich"

They caught the attention of the media and the public sparking fires all across the city

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