TUES 21 | 02 | 2017



 Visit to the Barbican Centre Estate

Recently taking a trip to the Barbican Centre Estate, in comparison to the Aylesbury Estate, the first thing I realised was aesthetically more effort has been dedicated to making this estate look like a home. Plants used to embellish and complement the brownish tone of concrete. Water fountains amongst a pond which stretched out throughout the whole estate, made the area appear more elegant and graceful. There was also a gallery within the centre which gave the estate an increased value in comparison to others, from this I would draw the conclusion that the Barbican Centre Estate is valued as a middle class estate located in the middle of Central London.

Therefore, wouldn't be viewed by the council as an eyesore in need of being demolished. I found this alone particularly interesting in comparison to the ways Aylesbury and other estates in areas of East London have been viewed and frowned upon as modern day ghettos.


Although, I still felt like the deeper I ventured into the estate, the further I felt like I was traveling away from the busy life of London, no sound of police car or ambulance sirens, no sounds of car horns beeping or people talking loudly on the phone. The same feeling I felt when visiting Aylesbury, although there were still signs of life life dogs barking and the faint sound of babies crying, the area felt visually isolating and secluded.


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