Sunday 12th March

This morning I have been colouring the design developments I have done yesterday. I think that in some respects it would probably be better to do the colour alongside doing the design as then you are visualising them both simultaneously. I used the colours from my colour scheme, and intended them to be bright, although they really are very bright and I am slightly concerned that they could be a bit distracting. I think that perhaps a solution to this could be to use a block colour and then only accents of the other colours to round the colour scheme out.  I also added touches of machine embroidery to the drawings, which I think works well as this adds texture and interest to the page, and it also draws on the theme of looking at traditional ‘female’ crafts and craftsmanship in my work.

I additionally did a page drawing on the drapings I did on the body of a suiting jacket, choosing those I thought worked best and developing them. I particularly like using oversized shapes and structure, though I think I need to think about how I can portray sheer fabric in my drawings. I also need to think about different ways I can visually show the links to the suit in my designs without appearing too obvious.

I also started to put in the fabric samples I did yesterday, adding in collages onto each page. I also plan to at some point put design developments on the pages, however I would like to do these after the quilted sample that I plan to do, which comes before it in my sketchbook so that more of a link is visible. I am feeling quite exhausted today, and I am looking forward to getting some feedback on Tuesday as to where my work is going so that I can help re-energise my work. 

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