Saturday 11th March

Today I have been making fabric samples using the Holi dye that I ordered, with somewhat mixed results. Rather disappointingly it doesn’t work very well on the sheer fabric, which I suppose shouldn’t really be surprisingly but wasn’t something I had thought about, although it does work well on tightly woven fabric. I could therefore either come up with a different mixture or use the powder on opaque fabric and then put the sheer on top. I also embroidered over the top of them, which I think works well, and the idea of detail and craftsmanship is something I would like to input into my project. However I think that sometimes the beads and sequins look a bit pretty, and I could investigate other types of embroidery, such as embroidering little discs of colour leather or more industrial metals or plastics.

I have also finally started my design developments. I feel better now that I have started them as I think that that can be the hardest part, and in wanting to create interesting designs it becomes difficult to begin at all. I am pleased with the ones I have done, although I still need to colour them to bring them alive. I also think that in some of them the idea of the suit as a starting point isn’t very visual, and I think I need to consider the extent to which I think that this is important. Tomorrow I plan on adding colour to these and also doing a couple more following the jacket draping on the body pages I have done.

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