Monday 13th March

Today has been a difficult day in terms of getting things done, I think I have spent more time just staring at my work and distracted instead of spending the time usefully. I think that this is because for the whole of this weekend I have just been doing work and nothing else and I have simply been looking at my work for too long. I think that it is important to have breaks where you can get inspiration from going outside such as to exhibitions, as I feel a bit closeted in my work. I also feel a bit burnt out today, so I think that this evening I am going to finish off workflow things and annotate my work and finish off the design developments I mean to do tomorrow. Tomorrow after my progress tutorial if all goes reasonably well I am going to have the evening off to recharge as there is still quite a long way to go on this project and I need to make sure that I sustain energy and motivation. I haven’t ever had to do a project of this length for such a sustained amount of time before, as though I had longer projects during my textiles A-level, this was only a third of my overall workload and it was more of a relief in between French and history essays. Art is such a mentally taxing thing as it requires a deep amount of thought and development so I think what I have learnt today is that, in the development and designing stage at least, when doing a longer project you can’t just work all the time or you will run out of ideas. I don’t have any inspiration for the design developments I need to do to accompany my samples, so instead of forcing them out tonight, as I know they won’t be very good and will just copy what has gone before, I am going to do other things now and leave them until tomorrow.

Apart from my lack of energy today I have done two pages for the sample where I turned a pair of suit trousers into a jacket and I have also done one and almost done the other of the pages for the gathering samples I did. I have almost finished one sketchbook now and I think that I feel reasonably pleased with the work I have done so far and I am looking forward to having some feedback tomorrow on it. Though I do also feel slightly apprehensive as I hope that all the work I have done won’t be for nothing and that I need to nudge the project in a different direction. Now I think that I just need to concentrate on shape development and integrating this with my textiles samples. 

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