Development of samples - ideas for how to put them on a body. Draping on a smaller mannequin with my samples and some pieces of scrap metal to give it a bit of volume and shapes to extract to drape. Since we were told that tomorrow we have the draping session I needed to have some ideas about how can I form a silhouette from my samples. It worked really well, because the samples combined with scrap pieces of metal gave an effect of a real garment and communicate the elements of industrialization from my research translated into garments effectively. Scale makes it easier to visualize and achieve very dynamic and massive shilouettes. Of course they require some reworking because now this would look slightly random, yet there is a lot of shapes in them that could be potentially developed. Now I should enlarge the samples and put them on the body. 
I draw all ideas I had so that I can come back to them tomorrow. I also used some images from the research I did on Friday. It all fits well together, but I really need to start larger draping to see if it works.
The color scheme is still a bit blurry although blue, red and green seem to be best choices for now.
Evaluation of this stage of the project:
What went well?
The idea of draping on a smaller scale to get ideas about how to move onto a human body was a good one. It gave me a sense of what kind of shilouettes I can achieve and how could I construct them. 
What didn't go well?
I think that the development from samples to small scale draping could be more visible. I am concerned about the clarity of my sketchbook, especially in terms of narrative. I need to ask someone for feedback. I tried to make it clear but it's hard for me to assume if it's clear enough. 
How can I move on from now? 
Do larger scale draping with consideration of the shapes and ideas from today.
Second week of Unit 7 - Evaluation of this stage of the project:
What went well?
I have overcome difficulties in my research and I changed the concept into more broad yet defined topic - craft. I went "out" of medieval times by continuing with research and getting some help from study strategies team. I fulfilled my schedule for this week. Only changes that were made were caused by need to research more (for example I havent chosen my clour scheme precisely, I have some initial ideas that I am experimenting with). I am not worried about that now, because I think I needed researching more than the colour scheme. I have some initial draping ideas to enlarge, which is even better, beause I did not plan to have some work outside my sketchbook this quick. I developed another technique of textile making - sprang that is relevant to my topic, because it is time consuming and requires a lot of hand work. I involved pieces of old machinery into my designs withput making anything that looks like robots or anything of this kind.
What did not go well?
I did not get the feedback on exhibition reviews, simply because I was advised by study strategies to look at it later and now focus on proposal. I haven't done a big fabric research, because I do not know yet what my final color scheme is. I have made some experiments but it still needs clarifying.
How can I move on from now?
Enlarge draping and continue sampling textiles. Choose colour scheme and all yarns. Ask for any possible feedback.

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