Today I was thinking about colour palette. I prefer using neutral/mono tone colours more than vibrant/primary colours however in this time I would like to use one primary colour that could make details stand out which was the orange. I was inspired by the work of Christo Jean claude. It is called "valley curtain" and the colour used for the curtains was bright orange. I felt this colour could be the point of my garment. Then I looked more about this colours, variation with black, pin striped and neutral colours. After I decided to use orange colour I wanted to experiment with the colours so I did match with various colours for example, complementary colour such as blue, low/high chroma of orange etc. I thought blue colour had a connection with my project because my idea started from the windows and basically windows are for ventilation and seeing outside and sky which is the most we see through the window is blue colour, especially sky blue. So my decision for the colour palette is using orange, sky blue, black ( with pin-striped) and white. Still, I need more experiments with colours.


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