Design development and Printing work.

What I learned at the class was helpful to do a design development. I started thinking of design and the details in clothes. I used my draping work as a initial design and kept developing it. Change of the shirt details made the design slightly different however lack of a research about the garment and the details made me stuck on the development process. I decided to research more and deeply about the garment, not sure which period of time I would take and search so I need to think and find a relation between the time period and the theme of my project.

I missed the chance to do a print activity because of personal reason so I did my own printing work alone. The repetition of geometric shapes I found at the blinds made me think of print and with this visual idea I arrange the lines and squares regulary. The result of this printing work was satisfactory. I would like to make a collage using this printing work and keep doing experiment with it.

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