Structural Work and Draping

In today's class I had a chance to do a draping with fabrics I brought today for the class. Before I did the draping each one made a solid structure with three big different images related to the project. It was hard to make a solid structure because all the images I had had many corners and they were complicated to connect together. So the results was irregular but simple shape. I did some observational drawings trying to use different media and ways of drawing, I used my left hand which is not convenient for drawing or writing, used thin masking tape to do mark makings and not only focussing on the details but also the silhouette and the shape of the structure . The pencils, crayons, markers and coloured pencils were used for the drawing to make the drawings have various textures.

After then, based on what I made at the class I exaggerated the structure and re-made with the fabrics. I wanted to make voluminous shape so I used fabrics that are thicker than cottons. It kept the shape well indeed also easy to change the shape. I did some quick drawing and put some details on my creation then it looked more like a garment. Through this process I learned how to develop the initial shapes and structures as a garment and while the draping.


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