Section of an interview with Paula Rego

QTHE WHITE REVIEW — Is it important that the folk tales you grew up with were always spoken, never written down?

APAULA REGO — Yes. but you can’t keep them spoken, can you.

QTHE WHITE REVIEW — But are they sanitised in being written down?

APAULA REGO — The publishers sanitise them. Particularly the Americans, they make everything cute, it’s disgusting.


QTHE WHITE REVIEW — What about Walt Disney? Could he not be accused of sanitising these tales?

APAULA REGO — I love Disney. No he didn’t sanitise. His work is grotesque. There are many grotesque moments in Disney. Snow White, when she’s being caught by the branches of the trees when she’s running away. Pinocchio is pretty grotesque, when they all change into donkeys. I am a great fan of Disney. Now they do everything on computers, but before they drew everything

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