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Aim for the day:

  • To finish the paper model I started yesterday
  • To come up with a finalised idea for the peacock/argus design

I started off the day finishing off the model from yesterday. I needed to do two things - cut out rings from large to small and stick them onto the cardboard I created yesterday. Second thing I needed to do was somehow attach it to the neck so it would stay up.  After making the rings I realised I ran out of glue in my glue gun, so I had to figure out another way of attaching them to the piece. I tried melting wax and sticking them to the piece but unfortunately they fell off. So when I get glue for my glue gun I will stick them back on. I then used a bit of cardboard to create a chocker around the neck and then slit holes in my piece and attached strings so it could be adjustable around the neck (as you can see from the pictures below). When I put it on, it did lean to one side however I fixed it with a bit of wire. One thing I would do better would be to make the circle larger so it goes way above the head. In regards to materials for the real thing I would like to look into making a metal structure with plastic, or even possibly paper Mache - but I will look into it next week.

I then moved onto finalising an idea for the peacock concept. I took one of my original designs but manipulated it on different parts of the body - I wanted to emphasize the many eyes through the peacock feathers. I thought the best place was across the chest - almost like a really long necklace and create a detailed backing showing the eyes too (show below). I would like to create this piece out of felt - so create my own felt and create multiple feathered eyes - I would like the neck piece to be out of silver and create a silver chain. I want this piece to be bright and I would like the shape to mimic the shape of a peacock's tail. The only thing I am worried about is the silhouette not showing a distorted shape - but hopefully I will figure this out through design development and modelling making.

I would like to make a model for this for my tutorial on Tuesday.

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