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Today's aims:

  • Finalise idea for first Ovid transformation: Tentacles
  • Find two other stories in the Metamorphosis I can use and create jewellery ideas for them
  • Show in my sketchbook that I want my outcome to be a series of 3

To start off the day I decided to do some research in Ovid's Metamorphosis to find stories I could create jewellery out of. There are a lot of transformations in the book, however a lot of them are quite cliché - for example involving bird transformations. I wanted to stay away from wings as they have been overdone. It actually took me quite a while to find another story, but eventually I found a passage in the transformation of Io - where Hera was jealous of Io's beauty so she stole her and turned her into a cow, keeping her under the watchful eye of the 100 eyed monster Argus - eventually Io's father kills Argus and gets her back. The transformation in this story that I am interested in is after Argus' death, Hera turns his eyes into peacock feathers. I liked this story as it's not a usual transformation and is unique. So I did some research on this and put it in my book - I made a few initial drawings too but would like to draw more details ideas on Friday.

Today I unfortunately was not able to find another story  so I will have to have a very detailed look on the weekend. Otherwise I will do the Icarus' wings idea but I would have to make it clever so that it would not just be another pair of wings.

I went back to the tentacle idea to try and develop an idea that I was happy with so that I could make a sturdy model tomorrow. I definitely wanted to emphasize the shape of the tentacle in my idea but also the detail in the suckers. It took me a while and a lot of drawings on different parts of the body, manipulating the size and shape. However I finally came up with an idea that I was happy with (as shown below). I have chosen to place this piece on the head of shoulders again as I think that's where the change in silhouette will be most effective. I may do a few more drawings and change the body placement but for now I am happy with it. All I need to do is create a model to see how it works on the body but also do some material research to figure out what would work best.

I also did some experiments with wax in my book to convey the pattern of the suckers of the tentacles. I loved how the wax looked however they did fall off the material so I should fine a material where the wax would stay. The examples of the wax experiments are below:

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