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Today for the first part of the day we learnt how to create fashion figures in a quick time. I found this hard as what I usually do is draw a figure on tracing paper and copy that same image so that I do not have to draw it again. Personally for me I don't think drawing a figure repeatedly really helps with filling up my sketchbook fast. I personally like my way of transferring the same image - it just saves a lot of time. In my own time I would like to practice my fashion figuring drawing anyway so that I can get the dimensions right and get faster. I have got the structure down but I'm just slow at drawing the figure. I was also given the advice not to use short quick pencil marks but full single lines - I also found this hard as I find I press to hard on the pencil when drawing, so that is also something I need to improve on.

We then looked at a PowerPoint showing fashion illustrations using different mediums such as watercolour, ink, pencil, colour blocking, etc. This was quite inspirational as my drawings are plain pencil and quite boring so I would like to use some of these techniques to brighten up my drawings and make them unique. I definitely will try watercolour but possibly also colour blocking and collage as well. What I also got from this PowerPoint was that I do not have to draw all the details in the face when doing a full figure - it looks better to create an abstract, bear face - so that's what I would like to do. To reflect I would like to create unusual figures that have my own twist so that people know they are my figures and not generic ones.

We then went back to the 5 fashion figures we did in the morning however we had to draw an idea for our final jewellery piece on the figures, but each time we drew it, we had to change the piece. The first time we drew the original, we then had to change it to a different position on the body twice, then we had to change the size and finally the dimensions. The reason for the exercise was to show how we can create as many ideas as possible and change them. If I had a sturdy idea I think this would've worked well for me, however I did not have a sturdy idea in place so it did not really work well for me.

Finally in the afternoon session we were given multiple sheets of parts of the body in which we had to manipulate our ideas on - again if I had a stable ide this would've worked well but I did not so I found it a little bit pointless.

What I would like to do is do the idea manipulations again in my own time when I have a sturdy idea.

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