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We were set two tasks today:

  • To get into groups and discuss each other's workflow and how to make it better
  • To create a paper prototype of our final piece

Firstly in regards to the workflow task. I did get a lot of information just by looking at a few people's workflow in my group. I found a couple of them very good and interesting. I liked Marite's as she created a title page with her name and a couple of drawings she had done to convey her personality through her reflections. This I feel is what I need to do in order to make my workflow look less dull and dreary and more creative and interesting - so when it comes to marking it the examiner will be interested in reading it. Secondly there was another girl in my group who's workflow was also very good as she'd done a reflection on everyday - even if nothing had been done that day she said what she did not achieve that day and when she will have to catch up on that work. So I would also like to be putting daily entries in. Finally I quite liked the structure of a couple of people's workflow as well, especially for the reflections as there were two columns instead of three. To me my three columns makes the reflections look a bit muddled, however to two columns made it look far neater so I may have to change the layout of my workflow so it makes sense.

For the second half of the day I decided to make a cardboard model of one of my tentacle designs. I chose the design as I like how original it is and I like the round curve around the head - really mimics the curvature of a tentacle. To create the roundness I had to cut a long strip of cardboard into 8 and staple them back together. The weight of the staples then made it floppy so I had to figure out a way to keep it up above the head. I found a bit of wire and moulded it to the shape of the cardboard and stuck it down - this meant the piece could hold it's shape. Unfortunately I could not figure out how to actually attach it to the head so I need to figure that out tomorrow. However so far the model is looking good. I possibly could have made it a little bigger

What I need to do over the weekend:

  • I need to make a model for my peacock/argus idea and do a couple more design drawings so I am happy to make a model.
  • Figure out what colour to make my tentacle idea and what to make it out of.
  • To complete my series of three pieces find another story in Ovid's Metamorphosis and create a design and eventually a model.

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