Wednesday 8th March

Unfortunately, today I didn’t get very much sketchbook work done, as this morning I visited Westminster again to have another look around the facilities to help me clarify my decision about next year. I find that this is helpful in reminding me of what is available as often when you are looking at universities many have similar things so you start to assume that some things are available for use when they aren’t, and this could impact your decision.

Following this I went to King’s Cross to do another fitting for the third year students, which was again fun, though shorter this time, as I think it is very interesting to see how everyone’s work is progressing and just to glance around and observe the process.

I did do a page on the sculpture and design development on Monday, although I don’t think that it is my strongest work from this project, though I think it is good to include it anyway as otherwise it would have just been a waste of time. I decided to spread it across two pages to retain white space so I need to finish off the second page. 

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