Tuesday 7th March

This morning we had a workshop on pleating and gathering, and I preferred the style of the day today as it was more open to what you personally would find useful instead of more set activities. I already knew how to do pleating and gathering, but I found that as I was just working on the sewing machine and playing around I started to experiment with the techniques more, such as moving around the gathers to create protrusions. I have already been including gathering in my work, so this should fit in well, I just need to put all of the samples I have done into my sketchbook. My tutor also showed me how to create ruff-style pleating, which was very interesting as I don’t know whether I am going to use it for this project but the shapes have always fascinated me so its good to know for the future.

In the afternoon I experimented with mono printing and creating different effects with blending the colours together and using other materials. It was slightly frustrating that there wasn’t any blue ink as I couldn’t make the colours fit completely to my colour palette. I think I will collage them in with papers in other colours from my colour palette to rectify this in my sketchbook in order to present them.

I found that it worked well when foil was used and then partially covered in the ink, as the contrast between the metallic and matte textures was a welcome contrast and added relief, which is something to bear in mind.

This evening I have been making a few more gathering samples, and carrying on experimenting with them, both in opaque and sheer fabric. I have to be wary as when you gathered sheer fabric it looks very girly, which isn’t an effect I want to create, so I think I have to think about the materials I want to use, which is something to think on for my progress tutorial next week. I am pleased with all of the samples I have made so far, although they are all very small just because I wanted to see what was the most interesting technique before using a large amount of fabric, though I think I do need to scale it up soon to really get an idea of how it works on the body, and to draw design developments in my sketchbook alongside them as otherwise this may turn into a textiles sketchbook! 

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