The reason of why I want to focus on the seven sense is because I think we got all the information through the sensory system, like learn talking eating , everything we can feel are all come from the sense that we have, when we eat something we can know what is the taste and what is the texture, what is the smell? And when we touch hearing something, we learn and know what is that, so I think if one day we don’t have any senses, we won’t a human anymore, we are dead. I thing because we can feel, we can talk and move, we can interactive with a different thing, and all the thing we got will translate to become the emotion that we continue to learn until the end of life, so all of this thing are composition to a human, to become you.

Because of we alive, we can feel so we are we, we creative our character to become us, we are the human. I want people to feel they are alive,

we need to continue External stimulus our self,


Got the information from the sensory system


Translate to the emotion


A gingival human.


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