Richard Mosse - Incoming

The above is a link to a video of Mosse discussing the concept and execution of his new video installation, currently showing at the Barbican.

This exhibition was one of the most powerful installations in terms of emotional impact and immersion, that i have witnessed. There is a common theme between most of Mosse's work, wherein he uses military equipment in a fine art context. His most famous work would be with the film, Kodak 'Aerochrome', a film meant for military reconnaissance of vegetation and forestry land. His latest project utilises an 85kg military camera which is considered a weapon, to film the refugee crisis. 

Not only will I take inspiration from the presentation of this work in the curve, (as I am ever evaluating the most effective ways to present my work) but also to consider the metaphorical links to my work. Utilising materials of an industrial nature, in terms of scale, usability, and accessibility may relate to the physical aspect of my work. Mine is in fact documenting the use or exploration of industrial or non-pedestrian equipment's landscapes or vehicles, however there is still a link.

Not only this but in my previous works looking at national and international migration, share obvious links, and are something i plan to explore again. However, there is a much more serious aspect to this work, which i wouldn't want to undermine by relating mine in any strong way.  

The final thing to comment on is the works 'Infra' and 'Enclave', utilising infrared film in a fine art context, instead of its practical purpose intended. I do plan to experiment within photography and film using films of this nature, for instance, black and white infrared film, to bring a surreal aspect to the work to link to the subject matter. The furthest I've gone as of now is to use expired film to create similar abstractifying effects.

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