Development of the draping from Monday with samples from Tuesday. 
Experimenting with pleats - pleating with tuile was too complex, it was constantly unraveling so I tried it with calico underneath. I wanted to secure tuile so that it won't unravel when sewing. This worked nicely because the pleats were looking neat and tuile gave it a kind of haze which made me think of air. It links to my research and previous experimentation which I wanted to include into my draping. 
The development I did was not really good in my opinion because the shilouettes were too simple. I know I oversimplified my shapes last time but I had to develop this part of the progress on the project first before moving onto the next step and new draping as I would get tangled up with all ideas. I already feel I have too many of them and I need to edit it down and choose most suitable for this project. I am sure I need to do draping once again but that would be after tomorrow's workshop, in case we are given a similar task to do. 
The color scheme I have chosen now is same as it was for sample experimentation before- light blue, dark green and red and silver(or gray). With this color scheme I have developed the draping ideas. I remember though what my tutor told me about the color scheme- to choose it in form of analysis of pictures. I still want to do that, but I can't do everything at once as I will get lost. That's why I decided to stick to this color palette now and not go to the yarn shop today - I wouldn't manage to do all of that in one day, because if the distance and time it takes. 
Tomorrow we are going to have some workshops, so I decided to prepare a bit of collage paper ahead. I had this idea of breaking the fax machine as a way of creating textures or shapes. That's why I actually broke it and started to draw with pieces of the machinery. I was trying to do simply some textures based on my samples and using colors from my color scheme. 
The documentation of this is on research page. 
Evaluation of this stage of the project:
What went well? 
The pleat experimentation went well, especially the one with pleats layered with tuile. I don't know if I will really use this idea for my project, as I want to design only one piece that ideally would be all hand made with the knitting techniques I developed. If I would be designing a collection then perhaps this idea would be more useful (for a variety in a collection). 
The experiment with breaking a fax was useful and went well, because I got some pieces to draw with and prepare some collage materials. 
What didn't go well?
Still the development of garments need reworking. I don't find the ideas I come up with today very interesting, because they are too flat. There's no construction in them. 
How can I move on from now?
It depends on what we will be doing tomorrow, because I don't want to go way too ahead. It is hard then to include new workshops into my thinking. I need to do new draping for sure, a visit to a yarn shop and analysis of color scheme.

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