9 Mar 2017

Today I decided to start creating my ideas that I have mentioned earlier. I started off with something simple by re-creating Thomas Demand's work on his 'emptiness' photos. I looked around my room and thought of working with everyday objects because that is something that most people are familiar with. Setting up my equipments, I pretended that I was actually getting ready to go out. When the objects has been placed, I maintained the position and took my camera out to take photos.


After taking it from every angle as possible, I chose this photo to work with because the main objects are in the centre and the lightning shines directly onto the chair, as if someone has already sat there. I even managed to crumple the shirt a bit to make it look like it has been leaned on. I have left the laptop open to make it seem that it has recently been used and the straightener on to make it look like it is currently being used. However, the camera couldn't capture the light switch well due to the indicator being too small( or maybe it was because the light from the lamp overpowered it).

Using photoshop, I 'cleared' the board using the clone stamp tool because I did not want my image to look too messy, but in the same time, it needs to give an emotionless vibe. The clone stamp tool was hard because the texture of the board changes, resulting in an uneven tonal colour. This would not have happened if I simply remove all the papers on the board but it was a good learning process in case I may use this technique in the future. I was almost done with the image but I may have accidentally pressed a button on my keyboard which made the photo turned black and white. I have clearly made a few mistakes like at the head lamp and also the paper that was left on the board. The reason why I left the paper was because I thought it would be too idealistic without it. Perhaps I should have compared without the paper first before deciding. I also should have removed the wire on the table and also on the left hand side. This is something I need to take in for future reference. 


Moving on, I took photos of a fallen laundry basket. 



Similarly like what I did before, I got rid of any additional items that were in the frame. I hated the fact that you could see the floor mat in the toilet because it ruined the whole dark and mysterious theme that I was trying to portray. I simply colour the inside using a brush. While I was erasing the jacket at the door, unfortunately the door knob gets cancelled out as well because the jackets were covering it. So I took the whole knob out, instead of leaving it halfway. After looking at the door as a whole, it gave me an uncomfortable feeling because it is not something I was used looking at, especially when I have taken out the most important tool of the door. That's when it made me realised that changing or removing small features could effect the whole photo. I have also changed the contrast and exposure, like Demand's photos. I'm not sure if its noticeable but I did not edit the laundry basket because as I was increasing the exposure, the red became too vibrant and took the attention away. After editing, the door became more vivid but the edges was vignette, making it look like a crime scene area. 

The little things I have learned from editing today could benefit me for my final outcome such as the removal of the door knob, increasing the exposure and contrast of a photo, removing unwanted items and making sure to get the proper lightning. 


On this page, I did a rough sketch of an idea incorporating my mid-action objects and also my photoshop work. The background would be a flat image stuck on a solid base and in the middle, there would be a realistic looking 3D model made out of either styrofoam, wood, metal etc. Alike what I did earlier, the background image would need to have the proper lightning and also little features that gives the 'off' feeling to the viewers. However, I still need to work on creating small 3D models and I would need to sketch up more ideas to choose from before before deciding this could be my final outcome.

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