7 Mar 2017

Today I experimented on plastic. It was also my first time using this material and it also involves heat, which what made me quite hesitant at first when using the machine. Using scrap plastic, I heat the material under the hot air and waited for it to become mouldable. 


Because the plastic is very thick to work with, I was only able to bend it, even though I have put it under the heat for a long time. When the plastic was soft, it looked like rubber but it was not as soft as I thought it would be. I used a thinner plastic and the melting process was shorter. Using the same idea I had yesterday, I took another plastic with a sharp end and tried to pierce it through. I had to work fast because the plastic solidifies quickly, which means if I were to use plastic for my outcome, I would need to be as accurate as I can in a short period of time. In addition, the gloves made it more difficult in terms of speed and accuracy because the glove was too big and uncomfortable. I could not see what I was doing while I held the plastic. My first attempt on trying to make a hole did not succeed really well. I was moving too slow which made the two plastic stuck together. 


I heated the clear plastic again to remove the two pieces and attempted on making a hole again. 


For my second attempt, I did not expect for it to have a bulge instead of a pointy end. However, the form reminded me of a pebble falling under water. Looking around the workshop, I saw scrap pieces of styrofoam and thought of combining the two materials together. Obviously I could not burn it both at the same time, as it could cause serious harm, so I surrounded the styrofoam with the plastic by melting it first. In the process of covering it, the styrofoam started to melt slowly. This causes some bits to separate whilst some area still stayed intact. This method reminded me of the action of pulling cotton candy.



I took notice what I created today like the pebble falling on water and pulling of cotton candy, hoping that I could develop this by making a bigger version. I had an idea of using raw materials to impersonate regular actions. 

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