The first film to be played in a cinema

It is not clear that this was the first film shown in a cinema, as in December of 1895 10 films were screened with no mention of this one. It was however definitely played around that time. It is also unclear the response of the audience, however, it was said that "the audience was so overwhelmed by the moving image of a life-sized train coming directly at them that people screamed and ran to the back of the room."

Despite this, I believe we can allow for such discrepancies as the story is an equivocal tail of the power of the medium of film. 

Well -  today we are bombarded with so much visual media, and with the power of corporate advertising on these mediums, we are also subjected to 'pointless' media constantly when we put the TV on. So yes in this day and age we are numb to the power and effects of cinema, even in the cinema. There is no magic or mystery - quite in the same way that we don't flinch to moving 90mph inside a car, despite the fact that one hand action or mechanical error would unequivocally kill us. 

So how can I try to recapture this power of film? secondarily, I am working with the subject of 'trains' in all of their forms and uses quite regularly. Therefore, how do I represent their immense power?

I think that using installation - and triggering multiple senses with a 4D outcome, is the best way, and also site specific video which obviously encompasses the topic of the film will reaffirm this. I shall bare this in mind when i am thinking about the direction my project will take. To answer the second question, I will return to my sketchbook to begin thinking about it. 

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