Work done today:
- shapes extraction 
- Drawing paper sculptures 
- Shapes development on the body 
- Draping 
The shapes extraction was something I have already done in my sketchbook yesterday so I was a bit confused - I had already some draping ideas and shapes extracted and I didn't want to take same shapes out again. That would be too repetitive and I don't want to repeat anything in my sketchbook. There would be just no point for doing it. I decided to extract new shapes from the collages I did yesterday. I wanted to choose some shapes that are more geometric than usual shapes I choose, because the theme of industry somehow responds better with more blocky shapes and layers or them than fluid and organic lines. Although I wanted to have a variety so some are probably more fluid. 
The pictures of my sculpture are uploaded below - I have only one picture because in the rush I forgot to take the picture of the first one. I know it's a mistake but when realized I don't have it I already destroyed the sculpture - the second one it same as the first one but with one shape altered - one organic shape was replaced by a more geometric one with long stripes.
My design development pages were only focused on shapes today that were extracted from both my sculptures and the previous collages I did. I wanted to mix them up because I didn't wanted to abandon some shapes that seemed to me potentially interesting that came from my research to machinery details. My tutors told me to simply my development pages, they were too colorful and looked more like fashion illustrations. In order to do that I was gradually eliminating each shape that was too complicated and random and I ended up with few more clear ideas. However I am not very happy about them because I don't think they represent my personal taste. They look too flat and simply underdeveloped. They become too simple. Although I tried to enhance them by adding more complexity to them I didn't manage to do that on time, before we were supposed to do draping. That's why I am not satisfied with the draping I did as well. It doesn't correspond to the ideas for silhouettes at all and seems too flat for me. It's not looking intriguing at all, rather random and messy. The problem why it happened that the draping doesn't work is also because of the fabrics- I didn't assume to have that kind of more volumed shapes to work with so the calico was too soft. The other thing is that we were told to cut the shapes exactly as we had for our sculptures and it was impossible to manipulate those shapes the way I wanted them, because they were just different. I should have had thought about it before and it's my mistake of the lack of consideration for what we are told to do and the way it will actually work with my drawings. Obviously it is incredibly helpful to listen to the tasks carefully but I need to also think about what I am actually trying to achieve in terms of silhouette. 
I need to rework the draping as soon as I possibly can but I really need to consider the shapes better. 
The drawing I did I tried to keep in color scheme from my research but without any particular colors combinations. I did it on purpose because I still know I want to experiment with color so that the situation from last project where I was struggling with final color choices would not occur this time. Although I know I need to choose colors (more thoughtfully) after today. 
I also asked my tutor about the work I did over the weekend and I was told to develop some drawings in the sketchbook as some ideas are a bit unclear so it would be easier to read them. 
I also need to do some drawings fro the photos I did today. I am not satisfied with the draping but I don't want to throw all this work I did either. It doesn't look good and that's true but I still can fix that. 
Evaluation of this stage of the project:
What went well? 
Drawings and transition in the shapes from the collages into shape extraction. I was afraid that putting this task into the collages would distract the narrative of the sketchbook but I don't think it did. It still makes sense visually.
What didn't go well?
Draping and shapes choices. I think the draping didn't work that well because of the shapes I extracted and the fact that I didn't choose the right fabric to get the most of them. 
How can I move on from now? 
Work in sketchbook and develop shape ideas that would be more interesting and work the way I imagine them (or at least a bit more the way I want them to). Do the draping again and consider what you are putting on the body. Prepare for workshops tomorrow. I also hope to do some more samples tomorrow, especially with nalbinding, as I haven't used this technique that much as I wanted to so far.

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