05/03/17 'Abstract' and Brick Lane Photography

Last night and this morning I was watching episodes from a series called Abstract on Netflix- they focus on a different practitioner each programme, so I watched the Graphic Design one about Paula Scher and the Photography one about Platon. I found them both really inspiring and motivating. I didn't know anything about either of them but really liked both of their works and did further research into them afterwards. Paula Scher has been hugely influential in graphics but also does paintings and personal works in her own time too. I like that she doesn't feel like she has to stick to just art or design. Her large scale maps are really interesting and relevant to my project too I thought. I might do a similar thing and create a map of the area which my project focusses on and write over the top, maybe using stats about the demographics of the area, or quotations from the interviews I carried out last week to make it more personal. 

I also walked up to Colombia Road Flower Market today and did some more sound recordings. I think after today I will have walked 3 main routes which cover quite a broad section of the area and will focus my project on these three main sections. I also stood on Brick Lane for a couple of hours photographing people. Sundays are the best day to do this because it's pretty packed. You get a while spectrum of people and although, it's a tourist hotspot on a Sunday I think it's one of the few areas in London which locals use and go to just as much, rather than avoiding it because it's touristy! It was easy to capture a range of nationalities in my photos because people are genuinely from all over. I haven't decided what I'll do with the photos- whether I'll make them into a publication or use them in posters or prints... I think Brick Lane has to be one of the most multicultural spots in London, and the market and the shops and music here definitely exemplifies the positives of multicultural London and a lot of trends start in East London which are inspired by the big mix of cultures all in the one spot. 

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