03/03/17 and 04/03/17 SOUND

Yesterday I started my research of the area and, focussing on sound like I stated in my project proposal, I walked from home along Brick Lane and up to Spitalfields, then back down commercial street and Hanbury Street. I recorded what I could on my phone, including people shouting in the street to music playing in different shops etc. When I started listening more carefully to people around me it's really noticeable how few English accents you hear in this area. I would go as far as saying (at least yesterday) English voices were a minority. The venders at Spitalfields Market are mostly foreign and along Brick Lane, especially at the Aldgate end, the asian restaurants and curry houses dominate. Today I walked up to Broadway Market and did the same exercise- recording what I heard. This included a few buskers as well as people on the streets and market stall owners. I noticed there were quite a lot of Australians at the market, which I hadn't realised from my research so far. The market itself is obviously really multicultural with different foods from all over the world. I think markets like this are definitely an example of a really positive impact of the fusion of cultures in London. They are also a way to promote the different cultures because people can go and try the foods from different countries and this is a form of education about other cultures and just general exposure to the influence that different cultures have on ours. I took photos on the walk up to Broadway Market because along Mile End Road and Cambridge Heath Road there's a really big mix of shops and restaurants. I think looking at the kind of services in an area is a pretty good indicator of what kind of people are settled there. I feel like this area of East London however is such a mixture of cultures and the restaurants especially tried to cater for this. There were some really funny examples of fused cultures such as "Chinese Fish & Chips", "Thai Pie & Steak", "Ukay International supermarket" etc. I think this reflects the conflict in what foreign people want when they move here- some wanting to keep their culture's foods and traditions and others wanting to try English/local foods, like pie and fish and chips. There's also the fact that people coming here, from China for example, and setting up Chinese restaurants, need to have local customers too in order to succeed, so fusing their culture with ours is also an attempt to do this. Even though frankly I don't think anyone would rush to a Chinese restaurant to pick up their fish & chips?..  

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