07/03/17 Print Workshop Day1

Today is the first day of our print and embossing workshop with Umberto and we did all the preparation/design stages ready to print tomorrow. The first task was to brainstorm words on our concept which we will emboss onto white paper to make a poster tomorrow. I had a slow start this morning but ended up with two ideas I quite liked- 1. A poster with the word "Fusion" translated into several different languages 2. Words but with their vowels removed in order to make them more difficult to read and less recognisable. The point is to make English words look "foreign" even to native speakers because I think we take for granted the fact that English is almost universal, but actually we forget that it isn't everyone's first language. I wasn't sure about this idea at first because when I tried it out and asked a few people if they could read them, they were struggling. However, I decided an outcome of almost illegible letterforms is the most effective way to translate my concept and really this was the point ? I chose the following words: "COMMUNICATE" "LISTEN" "LEARN" "UNDERSTAND". Almost as instructions for promoting integration but also relevant to the theme of language. My font is based on squares and the letters are quite subtle- I'm worried this won't translate once it's embossed, but I'll try tomorrow and plan to make digital posters using this technique too as I like the concept (a back up if tomorrows outcomes aren't successful). This afternoon we had the task of creating a narrative in four stills, which we will print into a small book tomorrow. I was quite quick to identify a theme because I remembered, during my interview research last week a story that a Korean girl told me. She said "I asked if I could sit with them and no one said anything." Describing one of her first days at uni here in London. This rudeness and the deliberate exclusion from the English people in this situation really shocked me and I wanted to voice this through my print project. I started off by splitting the story into four frames, but feedback from Umberto and peers was that the visual language was very iconographic and literal. Umberto inspired me to be more experimental and metaphorical, to think how I could convey the same message more simplistically. For my 'flat objects' which we had to bring today I had brought jigsaw pieces and my developed from this. *see photos* using just two colours of ink and the arrangement of the puzzle pieces I think I've managed to convey the sense of exclusion and irrational prejudice which was present in the story I was told last week. I was glad that I asked for feedback as I much prefer this more metaphorical/symbolic imagery- I think it conveys the concept much more powerfully. It was a productive day today and I liked the combination of using type and imagery, but in quite a simplistic way. 

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