The Institute (doc)

This documentary by Spencer McCall is so weird and ambiguous it could arguably be considered a film 

(image from the "induction" participants go through)

I found this really inspiring because for a significant large mass of people in San Francisco this project really did effect their daily experience of the world. They would call up on weird fake advertisements and be invited to go along to an induction. This would involve participation of these people in a selection of strange tasks and discoveries and it gets to a point where they can't draw the line between real life and fantasy. What I find even more interesting is this barrier between us the viewer, the actual participants in the documentary as well as the creator of the documentary. It makes you question everything to a point where you don't know if what the creator presents to the participants is true, yet alone the whether this spectacle as a whole even happened in the first place. Similarly to the placement of strange adverts and clues leading to weird experiences around the City, I want to create a method and marking a route for derelict places.

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