6 Mar 2017

I decided to go to the metal workshop because it was a material that I have never worked with. I am hoping to get more knowledge on the behaviour of the material and hopefully come up with an idea I could make. As soon as I stepped in the workshop, I asked the technician whether he could teach me the various equipments I am able to use for experimenting. He understood what I meant and taught me how to use the welding machine. He also showed me how to curve metal using a metallic cylinder and a plier. Using the scrap metals that were available in the drawers, I played around with the welding machine at first by combining two or more copper rods together. I learned that the heat from the machine not online glues the metal together, but it also allows the rod to bend. 


I was very nervous when using the machine because it released a high amount of temperature. Even though I was wearing gloves, I felt worried if I could still feel the heat from the metal. The more I used it, the more I became comfortable and I was using the machine with ease. Then I tried curving the rod into making a circle. This was quite tough for me to do because the metal itself was strong. When the circle was made, I cut the excess off using a plier and hammered the two edges on top of each other so that when it is welded, it will become one smooth piece. Hammering the edges together was not an easy task because I had to closely hold the metal together, to prevent it from sliding off, and in the same time, I had to hammer it making sure that I don't hit my fingers. 

Afterwards, I played around with the metals that was already in the scrap drawer. I took pieces with different shapes and sizes and played around with it. 


One of my concept was mid action objects, in which I give the audience the feeling of anxiety. Using the curve objects, I thought of having it 'balanced' on the edge of the table


I knew what I was trying to create here but I think that if I set it up in a proper location and using Photoshop to remove my finger, it will come out successfully.

Continuing with my experimentation, I looked at the steel object and noticed how sharp it was at the end.



Using the cloth, I wrapped the metal sheet with it and I was concentrating on the tip. It looked as if the metal was about to pierce through but because I'm not forcing it, it doesn't. The tension between the sharp end and the delicate cloth will give the impression as if it will cut through. This gave me an idea of making a video out of this where the metal is continuously pushed through the cloth, making the viewer anxious of what is going to happen next in which towards the end, the audience realises that the video is repeated.

Then I experimented with using more metal sheets because I thought the level of anxiety would increase as well. I used the bottom of the chair to tape the cloth in each corner. When I placed the metal bits on top of it, only the tip appeared on the bottom. Due to the cloth not taking up the shape of the metal, I don't think it was as effective as using one piece. However, if I were to choose this idea, I would like to incorporate more pieces as it has a higher chance of 'breaking' the cloth. This would be part of my development process

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