Sunday 26th February

Today I have been doing some more collages, focusing on using and combining the materials rather than just sticking them on the paper without doing anything to them. I have done two smaller collages and one larger one, which I think work well at explaining my ideas. I would have liked to have done some more and had more time, particularly perhaps through doing a series of iterations with the same images, or by taking shapes from these to do a series of very quick print ideas. However, these are things that I can always do next week, and from taking to my friends I think that they are at a similar stage to me so I don’t need to worry.

It will be good to see everyone again tomorrow after not seeing lots of people for quite a few weeks, and it will be strange to be in a classroom situation again! I think it will be interesting to speak to people about what their ideas for their projects are, as usually everyone has such diverse ideas and different interpretations of the subject.

I hope to also talk to my tutor tomorrow about my concept, as I am a little concerned that it is too unoriginal as it is inspired by the current climate. I hope that she can see a way of my developing the work I have done so far as I think that I am quite far into the research now so though I think I would only have to nudge it in a different direction I think that one you have mentally got yourself in a research direction it is quite difficult to get out again! 

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