Saturday 25th February

This morning I went to the London Fashion Week Festival- after being extremely disappointed that I happened to be away for the entirety of the week! I had hoped to see some inspiring things that might give me some ideas for my project, however I was severely disappointed. It seems to me that more and more the only things on sale are things of dubious quality that are still actually quite expensive, so I didn’t buy anything, and even the more expensive and better quality items weren’t particularly inspirational. I don’t know whether it is because being in a creative environment we are all mutally encouraged to express our individuality through our clothes, but I think now it seems more like a money-making opportunity for those trying to make a profit out of the London Fashion Week affiliation than a genuine experience. Next fashion week I am definitely going to try and get into the shows!

This afternoon I went to see the American art exhibition at the RA, based on art produced in the 1930’s following the Wall Street Crash. I think that this is an interesting period of history, one that I studied last year, so it would good to know the context behind the work. In some respects I often think that work taken out of its context, most often the time period, renders the work useless as it no longer in many cases represents what it did at the time, or appears as it did to fresh eyes, much like the popular view of fashion. Although there is clearly value at looking at historical or past objects, they are not as powerful as they were at the moment they were created to fill, which I think is a shame and I like to try and think about the impact they would have made on the world around them at the time.

I thought that the exhibition was perfectly good, though I didn’t feel particular interested by it, and I think that it would have been good to have had more information about why and exactly when the works were created in order to understand more about them. 

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