Friday 24th February

Today I have been tidying up the loose ends of what I have been doing so far, finishing off the collages that I started the other day and updating my workflow. I have been annotating and grouping the pictures I have been putting on there. I have found throughout the projects that this makes it easier to look at by clearly organising it, both for when I am looking back at my research for inspiration, and for when my tutor looks at it alongside my sketchbook work. Annotating always takes much longer than I think, which I really shouldn’t find surprising by now, but by getting my head in the zone and just getting them out I find that I am able to complete them slightly quicker.

I have also been looking back at my project proposal, and I am quite happy with the first and last sections that I wrote, and the timetable I have made for myself, so I have started outlining the section where I describe my aims for the project. Now that I am clearer on what I am trying to do I feel more able to do this, and I think it is important to cover both what I am going to explore in terms of ideas, but also the techniques and stages I will use in order to achieve this. Before the end of this week I hope to review what I have written so far and to finalise the title in particular, which I am having trouble coming up with at the moment. I would like to have an interesting title that catches the eye, rather than just simply saying what I am looking at, perhaps using a play on words, but something that is easily understandable whilst still being interesting. I often find that looking at the thesaurus to find alternative language to be useful, so perhaps I can do this at the weekend to try and think of something. Although even if I don’t have a title by the end of the weekend it isn’t the end of the world as I think that the most important part is the rest of it, and I can also ask my friends if they have any ideas. 

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