Monday 6th March

Today we did a workshop based around abstracting shapes and putting them on the body. I can see why we did this and it is a good method of quickly getting on the body, which I think is important even in this longer project as our tutors have said that some people leave getting on the body until its too late and aren’t able to develop their designs fully. However, I think that for me personally, because this project is so individual I knew what I needed to complete and focus on in order to progress, and so I don’t feel like I have achieved very much today. The more prescribed activities, whilst good at enabling me to do work faster, meant that I wasn’t looking at my research properly and thus when doing draping I wasn’t producing new or exciting things, but just repeating old ideas because of the time constraints. I did enjoy the drawing activities, and I think that I do really need to practice drawing a lot more than I do in order to improve and advance my ability, however this very set day made me feel a bit like I was back at week one.

I feel that I dealt with working quickly in an instinctual way much better than I did at the start of the course, and I think that I have learnt to be calmer and less reliant on validation from others in order to feel reasonably confident, so I am pleased at the way that I feel like I have progressed as a person. However I think that perhaps it is because today I felt a bit stuck in a rut and just repeating old things, plus the activities brought me back to the very stressful quick projects, but I feel a bit more down this evening and less confident about my project. I feel like at the moment I don’t feel very inspired in terms of silhouette, and I think that this is at least in part because I have just been doing draping, which is something that I think is good for me to do more in order to push me outside of my comfort zone, though I think that for me in order to generate exciting silhouettes I find constructing something off the body and then applying it to be more useful. My tutor agreed with this in my assessment feedback, and I think that this will help me to generate larger, more impactful and playful shapes, which I feel is lacking at the moment and I am getting lost in the detail. I think that going back to this kind of thing and thinking about the work I have done so far in a more structural and simpler way will help me, and I think that I need to get back to the root of what it is that I am trying to do, and get inspired again from my research.

I spoke to my tutor briefly today about my concerns about my silhouette, but she reassured me and said that at the moment we don’t need to know exactly what it is that we are going to do, and that at the progress tutorials next week we can assess where I am and where the project will go from there. Next week I should also have a lot more time to focus on completely self-led activities, so this week I think I should just concentrate on trying to do something interesting within the workshops that we are doing and just look at it step by step instead of trying to imagine what I am going to do at the end. I think that in part my feelings at the moment are because in a normal project today I would be starting to think of what my final piece would be, whereas I still have quite a long time to go before I need to think about that, so I should stop worrying and focusing on the final outcome, and just have fun and play around with some ideas first. I feel a bit like I don’t know what I am going to do for the rest of the project, as if I have forgotten how to do a long project! This week I think I am just going to focus on getting my existing stuff into my sketchbook and doing the workshops and thinking about design developments, and then next week really look at the shape and do some structural samples. 

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