Sunday 5th March

This morning I rearranged the material I used to make the first drape, and found that it made a very interesting shape with a large stuck out collar, and a draped back, which I arranged in order to make a kind of cape form. I think that this looks effective, however I think that everything just needs to be bigger and less detailed. I find that when I do drapes it is easy to start getting side-tracked, and whilst it is good to have draped elements, soon I would like to do some constructed pieces where I start to look at pattern manipulations.

I did do one more alteration, where I took one of the pairs of trousers and gathered up the legs and undid the centre seam to make a jacket out of them. I think that this worked surprisingly well, however, because of the restriction of limited myself to an existing amount of fabric, whilst the shapes themselves were successful, they still aren’t impactful enough.

This evening I draped an existing jacket on the body to try out different interpretations, which I think were quite successful, particularly looking at the shoulder piece, which can create an interesting protrusion. I have also been putting in some of the work that I have done so far into my sketchbook, and drawing on top of my images, although I think that I will need to finish this next week. 

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