Saturday 4th March

Today I feel very inspired, I have been thinking some more about print ideas for fabric and in order to go with the crunchy, crinkling texture of the flour paint I thought that it needed a chalky, soft texture. From this I thought of the power dye that is used during the Holi celebrations in India, which is used as a form of body paint – and what links it even more to my project is that paint bombs are often used at protests! I looked online and found lots of amazing images of riot police with pink paint stained shields, and well as the beautiful pictures of the Holi celebrations. I have previously been searching around for what to use for my colour scheme, and from looking at these pictures I think I would like to do pale blue, yellow, pink, purple and red, and I found these to be very inspiring colours in the pictures that I was drawn to. As they are all obviously very bright colours, and I do not want my final piece to look like a clown outfit, I have been looking at the way that designers use colour in their collections, and I think that something I would like to do would be to do my piece in a block colour, and then to use Holi paint and the flour painting technique to add accents of other colours and add texture. As after all I am subverting the suit, and a fundamental part of the suit is the navy blue and black materials, I feel that by using a non-traditional bright colour I will show the irreverential attitude I want to have towards it.

I want to order some Holi powder, and then to experiment with applying it to fabric, where by smearing it on top, or throwing the power on top of it to see how well it dyes. Next week I think it would be good to have some textiles samples exploring this, or to do a sample on the body and apply the power to that to see what it looks like next to the human form.

This morning I went to a thrift sale to try and find some suits, however it wasn’t very good, as also I bought a couple of jackets, they were tweed and therefore not real suit jackets, though I did buy one other that was more of a dress jacket. I went to some charity shops near where I live and these were much more bountiful, and I bought two pairs of trousers and and jacket that hopefully I can experiment with and make something of.

Tonight I have been putting the images from the drape I did yesterday into my book, and drawing on top of them in order to add into the designs. I find this to be a useful technique, and it clearly shows additions or improvements in your ideas.

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