Friday 3rd March

This morning was very interesting as I spent a few hours modelling toiles for final years, and it was amazing to see what they had all created, and the wide variety of designs. The majority of students I was modelling for were knit students, and I was particularly struck by the extremely skilful and textural swatches that were pinned alongside the toiles, and are very inspiring to think about what textures I could create in my piece. Moreover, the way that some of the students used layering and sheer fabrics was also very inspiring. I had never really been into the BA studios before, so it was good to have a look around, I don’t know whether it is the same for all three years but the students had slightly more space than I had imagined, and it was a bit less frantic!

It was also a privilege to be able to listen in on the tutorials from the tutors, and I don’t know if I was expecting something more intimidating, but the way they were giving advice wasn’t too dissimilar from the way that my tutors give me feedback on foundation. I also thought it was good to have the toile stage where a group of people can give you feedback and you can look at the collection as a whole, as on my course we have mainly just been making parts of garments or samples with no time for toiling, and at A level I tested out parts of the garments, but I never made full toiles of all my collection to see at the same time. I think had I done this I may have been able to make it more coherent and improve it, so I think that even though I am only aiming to do one piece, during the various stages of toiling I think it would be good to, if not my tutors, then get a group of my classmates to look at it and critique it before I take it further.

This evening I decided to do an exercise where I traced over some patterns from some 19th century pattern books I took out from the library, and then joined them together to make a ‘super pattern’. I cut this out of fabric and then draped it on the mannequin. I think that this worked out well as I wanted to start to investigate the idea of protrusions and combine with with draping, which I have done. However, I am not sure how much the pattern itself contributed to it, as by pleated the fabric and folding it I could get rid of any restriction anyway. I think that I joined too many pieces together, so if I were to do this again I think I would only conjoin a few pattern pieces. Nevertheless, I think that this is a good base on which I can progress my project. 

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