Thursday 2nd March

Today I have had a very productive discussion with my tutor, who thought that the samples I did yesterday were interesting, and have some suggestions as to how I could go forward. She suggested that in the future I go bigger so that I can start to look at how they look on the body, which I think is important to ensure that they don’t just stay two dimensional.

 She also suggested some interesting things such as take pattern pieces as abstract and using them on different parts of the body and painting on top of nude coloured tights to see what it would look like directly against the skin. My tutor particularly liked the broderie anglaise sample I did, and suggested the interesting idea of using these perhaps as eyelets, and I could make my own bigger ‘thread’  out of fabric, which I think could be a good way of linking pieces together in an unusual and more graphic way.

This evening I have been putting the samples I made yesterday into my sketchbook, incorporating collage. Previously at Alevel I would just present the sample by itself on a background along with an annotation, however I think that incorporating it with collage and other elements is a more sophisticated way of presenting things, and melding everything together to create a coherent journey across the project.

 I think that this project I feel like I am more confident in collage, and at the moment I am pleased with the way that my sketchbook looks, so I would like to continue the care and look of it throughout my project. This weekend I would like to start working on the body, and perhaps start experimenting with using some existing garments. 

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